• My directorial debut at Harding University. 

  • Down Came the Rain by Burgess Clark tells the story of two brothers in the woods sorting out their complicated relationship on an eventful camping trip.

  • The show was acclaimed as "one of the best student productions in recent memory" by the Producer of Harding Theatre.


  • I was the lead director of the show.

  • The show was a part of the annual Junior One Act Festival in spring of 2015. 

  • I also led promotions for the Festival overall.


  • As director, I was in charge of the creative vision and design of the show. I also managed a small team of designers and stage managers. 

  • I also worked tirelessly with the other directors featured in the Festival in order to create an overall successful weekend. 


Mike Largent Move: A Mounain Goat's Monolou

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